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Win a free subscription to QuickSilk for a year!

InstaPrize: Win a free subscription to QuickSilk for a year!

Ottawa, Ontario — Building a company website can be time-consuming, frustrating and expensive. Knowing this all too well, QuickSilk - the creator of the simpler, and more affordable, secure content management platform -  is launching a global Instagram contest today (Tuesday, August 29, 2017) at noon for a chance to win a full subscription to the QuickSilk web platform for an entire year.

Any and all businesses with an Instagram account across the globe are eligible to participate. Businesses can participate easily by 1. Following QuickSilk on Instagram @quicksilkofficial, 2. “liking” and “tagging” two friends in a QuickSilk InstaPrize post, and 3. signing up for a free trial! You are not required to provide any financial information or anything to sign up for a trial, nor are you committed to purchasing in the future. QuickSilk is looking to encourage users to test out their platform to experience a simpler solution for themselves.

What separates QuickSilk’s solution from dozens of other content management systems (CMSs) on the market today? Easy. We don’t compromise security for simplicity. We’ve considered the risks associated with open source, and built QuickSilk on a closed cloud. Our platform empowers users to create impactful pages without coding, or the worries that often come with unprotected sites.

“I am really excited for non-technical users to try QuickSilk out for themselves and see that, with QuickSilk, they have the ability to securely build and update fully responsive, powerful websites in minutes,” says Garry Brownrigg, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of QuickSilk. “I hope businesses near and far take advantage of this opportunity to check out what our feature-rich platform has to offer.”

The InstaPrize contest will last one week, so participate while you can! Winners will be announced Tuesday, September 5, 2017 at noon. The first prize winner will receive a full subscription to QuickSilk for a year; the second place winner will receive 50 per cent off annual subscription costs; and, third prize will receive a 25 per cent discount.


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