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Collaboration Web Portal and Extranets

QuickSilk takes teamwork to a higher level. Employees and business partners can collaborate regardless of their location through QuickSilk's Collaboration Portals and Extranet features.

  • Share ideas and thinking with employees and partners to achieve common goals.
  • Gain a better understanding of how your organization operates globally.
  • Solve problems and innovate faster
  • Increase employee satisfaction by allowing remote and mobile staff access to business information 24/7
  • Chat with employees via WebEx or using our own tool. View discussion forums, share files and images, and personalize user views, layouts, permissions all within a system so intuitive that any level of the organization can use it.
  • Reduce costs by making ensuring partner documentation is current globally and available online. An added advantage is increased security of partner communications as information exchange takes place in a controlled environment
  • Increase customer satisfaction by giving access to information that helps them answer their questions

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