Create Microsites in minutes

Improve Branding Awareness, Focus & SEO


Unleash the power of a microsite to create great marketing opportunities. And do it in minutes with QuickSilk


  • Engage in A/B testing for markets, product and website development quickly and easily.

Agile Marketing

  • Market products that have a seasonal lifespan more effectively. Get your patio furniture sold this summer, not next.
  • Engaging with new customers with the right messaging is important. But building it into an existing site can be confusing to new prospective customers. Moving them onto a microsite makes messages on both sites stand out.

A Focused Path

  • For your customers through clearer presentation of a specific brand, product, pay per click campaign or a social media promotion. Campaigns have very specific goals including; downloading information, form fill out etc. Having a microsite allows you to focus their attention and so increase campaign success

SEO Advantage

  • A microsite can be targeted to specific service or offering. This increases search engine ranking as it can more easily understand what the site is about

Solid Branding

  • Have new products stand out from the standard mother brand. Because microsites are not integral to a primary website it gives freedom to traditional suppliers because they can demonstrate a higher degree of culture and creativity to specific customer segments.

Focused User Generated Content

  • Marketers know that user generated content can drive sales and brand recognition. It also lets them know what users are thinking and feeling. Even so, the feedback is typically fragmented and unfocused. Microsites give consumers a “Home” within a digital marketing plan to express themselves.

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