Features and Functionality

QuickSilk is a software as a service (SaaS) company that has engineered one of the most secure alternatives to WordPress in the world.

Quick to learn and easy to use, QuickSilk also offers the all-in-one convenience of a fully managed and supported secure hosting solution. Costs are predictable, deployment is simple, and once you’ve launched, you’ll never have to redesign again—unless you want to.

QuickSilk Features

  • Security

    Spyware, viruses, malware and ransomware are no match for QuickSilk's relentless conformance to standards and multi-layered security architecture. We're driven to hold ourselves accountable to protect our customers, their websites and their sensitive data.

    Security features include:

    • No access to source Code
    • Client-centric Product Strategy Roadmap
    • Agile Methodology
    • Quality Assurance & Control
    Security Hosting
    • SAS 70 Type I liSSAE16 certified
    • Safe Harbor Designation
    • Physical & Access Security
    • Daily Backup
    • For More Info go to secure hosting page for more details
    Software Updates
    • Updates Instantly applied
    • Post-release Testing
    • Go to Secure Hosting: Software Updates for more details Certifications
    • PCI-DSS
    • PEN
    • TrustKeeper
    Standards & Compliance
    • Privacy: GDPR, PIPEDA
    • Accessibility: 508 (US), AODA (CDNI), WCAG 2A(EU)
    • Security: PCI-DSS, SSL, LDAP, SAML, oAuth, NISI, EU NIS Directive
    • ISO; 20000
    • Standards: HTMLS, CSS4, Stylesheet, ECMAScript
    • Federated Services
    • PCI-DSS
    • PEN
    • TrustKeeper
  • Drag & Drop Authoring

    QuickSilk’s design builder delivers drag & drop authoring and a diverse range of supporting tools. Build
    websites easily without compromising functionality...

  • WYSIWYG Design

    QuickSilk’s WYSIWYG Designer gives you a clear sense of what you’re creating while you’re creating it. Choose from our vast library of templates and tools or build your...

  • Publishing Tools

    Your website is not a single “thing,” nor is it rendered in a homogeneous environment. Your website is an ecosystem that links and co-exists with other platforms, applications..

  • Personalization

    Personalizing your website ensures that all visitors can see, hear, understand and access it. At QuickSilk,
    we meet or exceed the highest security, privacy and ...

  • Form Management

    With QuickSilk you can build forms to collect, organize, import or export data quickly and efficiently. You get peace of mind knowing your sensitive information is secure...

  • Blog Management

    With QuickSilk you can build, organize, and manage your Blog to ensure your message gets to the right people. Our comprehensive blogging options help copywriters pump...

  • Advanced Capabilities

    QuickSilk is engineered with advanced capabilities that make it easy for you to build a website that consistently delivers an exceptional user experience to visitors...

Take a look at how easy it is to use QuickSilk

  • User Administration

    QuickSilk user administration makes it easy to manage all user rights and privileges quickly, efficiently and securely. You have full control of website content...

  • Event Management

    Event management just got easier with QuickSilk. We offer comprehensive tools to help you promote and manage events and the event registration process...

  • Hosting

    QuickSilk is an end to end platform: a website builder, content management system (CMS) and enhanced-security hosted solution all in one, around-the-clock...

  • Success Coaching

    Each of our customers is paired with a Success Coach so we can understand your organization, goals and
    CMS/hosting needs. Success coaching ensures ...

  • Membership Management

    QuickSilk provides comprehensive tools that enable you to manage your members (or any community of stakeholders) information and deliver specialized...

  • eCommerce Management

    Protect sensitive personal and financial information with QuickSilk eCommerce Management, while at the same time a providing great flexibility in presenting your...

  • Software & IT Support

    The QuickSilk support team is available to answer all your technical and application questions. QuickSilk also manages all updates and upgrades on the server...