QuickSilk CMS vs Open Source Software

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Why You Should Consider QuickSilk vs Open Source Software

Fully Managed

QuickSilk's SaaS service includes unlimited support and unlimited software updates, and we manage the entire process for you. 

Trusted Security

With QuickSIlk your site code isn't exposed so your site isn’t open to the same level of  security risks, hacks and vulnerabilities.

Fully Supported

Unlike open source, QuickSilk is constantly monitoring our software and updates and you can always get support in a hurry.

OSS is every man for themselves.
OSS is every man for themselves.

Side-By-Side Comparison


Open Source Software


  • No Software to install
  • Easy To Build. No Coding Required
  • Native Drag & Drop Controls
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Fully Managed Software & Plug-ins
  • Fully Managed Software updates
  • Fully Managed Security
  • Fully Managed IT Infrastructure
  • Web Hosting Included
  • Natively Responsive
  • Simple Deployment/Site Launch
  • Online Training Included
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Documentation Included
  • Video Tutorials

Here is more information on how QuickSilk's Content Management System (CMS) compares to the most popular Open Source Software (OSS).

  • Description


    Open Source Software (OSS)

    Site Builder

    QuickSilk was designed to be used by non-technical personnel. True Drag and Drop capabilities make it easy for anyone to build and maintain a website and the interface is intuitive.

    OSS packages were designed by programmers for programmers and so building and maintaining websites is complex. A programmer is needed to customize and add features. Open Source Software (OSS) user interfaces are not very friendly.

    Site Deployment

    QuickSilk does not require a complex "roll out" procedure. A compatible, standards-based, web browser is all that is needed. You sign in to your account to gain access to your website.

    OSS sites are harder and more expensive to deploy because they are complex and lack detailed documentation.

    Site Maintenance & Upgrades

    QuickSilk's SaaS software does not involve any manual upgrade procedures. All new software features and updates are implemented on the server and automatically delivered to you.  QuickSilk manages all updates and upgrades so there are no patches for you to download or install.

    The main advantage of OSS is also its biggest challenge. Moving modifications forward as the code base grows is difficult. It’s very difficult to upgrade existing websites to new versions of the OSS because there is no backwards compatibility. Another issue with maintaining OSS are the different interfaces plugins. Installing a new OSS version or plugin breaks the communication.


    QuickSilk offers a true Drag and Drop CMS that enables non-technical users to build and maintain complex websites. Because QuickSilk is intuitive and easy to use, very little training is required.

    OSS requires skilled programmers to develop, support and provide training. In many instances companies are not able to support the site as their marketing department doesn’t have the required skill sets


    QuickSilk is device agnostic, dynamic & responsive which means websites will automatically render themselves properly on whatever device the customer is using. You don’t have to do anything.

    Creating a responsive website in OSS is difficult. Typically, a third party plug-in needs to be installed, and even these plug-ins do not guarantee a properly responsive site.

    Security Risks

    QuickSilk is proprietary software and architected to provide better security and support. QuickSilk owns the software and ensures its security by restricting access to the original source code, on both a hardware and software level. Also, all plug-ins are developed and supported by QuickSilk

    Thousands of developers work on OSS code so the risk of hacking is high, as the source code is open and exposed. This puts you at risk (especially for eCommerce) and means that you and your hosting company have to spend a lot of time and effort to stop hackers gaining access to prevent tampering, security breaches, exploit attacks and SQL injections.

    OSS plug-ins are developed by 3rd party programmers and many times are the cause of the security breach as they can have “holes” and the core OSS platform has limited means of protecting you against this.


    Technical support  is included in the monthly QuickSilk subscription costs. Tickets are responded to within 24 hours.

    QuickSilk has been battle-tested in production for years, by Government and industry. A tremendous amount of process logic and expertise has been built into it. That knowledge is documented by QuickSilk’s professional services, technical support and training teams.

    There are thousands of developers working on OSS software, but none of them are working on your site. Support is through a user community where contributors possess differing levels of skill. Dedicated support from reputable companies specializing in OSS is available but at a significant cost.


    QuickSilk provides all the documentation, as well as video tutorials, you'll need to work with our software

    Even so, QuickSilk is so easy to use though that you probably won’t need it much.

    OSS documentation is generally not as good as proprietary software for a number of reasons.

    • It’s not very interesting or exciting compared to writing code. In the OSS world, programmers have more freedom to do what they want and so very few do things that don’t excite them.
    • Most of the information generated by OSS programmers is frequently in chat logs, forums and the like and mechanisms for gathering, collating and creating formal documentation are usually missing.
    • The value of documentation is inversely proportional to an individual’s ability to write so OSS developers are not incented to document their code.
    Proof of Concept

    QuickSilk allows you to do a proof of concept before you buy or release a new feature on your website. Once tested and you’re satisfied, you can smoothly switch over to the new site.

    More time is needed to develop a sample proof of concept project using an open source solution. The lack of detailed and organized documentation for the product slows this process further.

    IT infrastructure

    QuickSilk fully manages the IT infrastructure which means lower IT costs for hardware, software and the people you need to manage it. QuickSilk also takes care of IT availability so there’s no need for customers to add hardware, software or bandwidth as your demand grows.

    The level of security offered by QuickSilk exceeds what most companies have. Our data centres have a very high level of security. We also offer redundancy over multiple centres, automatic backup and disaster recovery. Your website is important to us and we protect it.

    OSS is server based, and most often self-hosted. This means you are responsible for buying and maintaining, or leasing, all required hosting, application and IT infrastructure.

    Standards Compliance

    QuickSilk is standards compliant; PCI-DSS, HTML5, CSS3, Less stylesheet language, ECMAScript, and others.

    OSS either lags behind and/or generally does not comply with standards as programmers would rather build features that resolve issues they’re dealing with rather than making the software standards compliant. This is one of the biggest issues with OSS, lack of product consistency, QA, architecture and usability 


    If you decide to leave QuickSilk you own your content and can take it with you. If you have imported your own custom design, you bring that with you as well.

    While you have access to the code, the OSS template you’re using may not be yours and so you can have issues moving the design to another host and/or platform. In theory you can work with another design house. In the real world this can be difficult as each developer has their own favourite systems and plug-ins they like and trust. This impacts server configuration, customizations and modules used. This means that moving to another design house almost always means building or at the very least modifying, your website.

  • Ease of Use Differentiators which are Native to QuickSilk

    Editor Tool

    Building and management of layouts and content through:

    In-line text editing


    Complete editing of all data from site "front end"


    Columns module to build any type of layout

    1 1 1

    Advanced template editing of (styles) on the fly

    2 2


    The ability to update page layout by selecting from options

    Layout updates are auto-pushed to the pages

    Device Agnostic

    The sites are automatically responsive and resize to any mobile device



    QuickSilk has intranet settings that allow for page block and module visibility for specific users and/or groups and departments

    Proprietary Code

    All QuickSilk modules are developed by QuickSilk. They have the same code style and GUI. This means they can be easily combined.

    Language Support

    70 languages supported

    1 1


    Using QuickSilk, you can fully manage your template and block backgrounds


    Microsites generated in seconds

    1 - functionality can be enhanced by plugins.
    2 - functionality can be enhanced by themes.

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