Benefits of QuickSilk's SaaS CMS

Secure, Predictable, Scalable, No Coding

QuickSilk's Software as a Service CMS

QuickSilk's software licensing and delivery model is provided on a subscription basis and centrally hosted by us. Referred to as Software as a Service ( SaaS) or sometimes "on-demand software”. Very few CMS providers offer a SaaS option. We feel so strongly about the benefits of SaaS that it’s the only way we license our software.

Why do we feel so strongly about SaaS? Simply put, it offers our customers the following benefits we feel are important.

Reduced Barrier to Entry

  • SaaS evens the playing field by allowing you to get to market at a lower overall cost. Because QuickSilk is subscription based, there are no license fees which mean lower initial costs

Proof of Concept

  • QuickSilk allows you to do a proof of concept before you buy or release a new feature on your website. You can also have more than one version of your site built. Once tested and you’re satisfied, you can smoothly switch over to the new site.

Predictable Expenses

  • SaaS software offers fixed monthly costs. As your company grows, so too will your online/website needs. With QuickSilk you can budget for growth easily, both for subscription costs as well as administration and IT. 

Access and Security

  • Many worry about the security of SaaS. In fact it’s one of its greatest strengths. The security offered by QuickSilk exceeds measures most companies put in place. Our data centres have a very high level of security. We also offer redundancy over multiple centres, automatic backup and disaster recovery. Your website is important to us and we protect it.

Rollout and Upgrades

  • With SaaS, QuickSilk software is already installed and configured.  There is no “Roll Out” process. A compatible web browser is all that is needed. You sign in to your account to gain access to your website. This vastly reduces the chance of mishap in software deployment.
  • In the Forrester report “The ROI of Software-As-A-Service,”  it’s noted that: “SaaS solutions typically offer seamless, automatic, frequent upgrades as part of the ongoing subscription charge. Because these upgrades happen more frequently and therefore incrementally than on-premises solutions, they typically have significantly reduced testing and end user acceptance and training costs.”

Integration & Scalability

  • QuickSilk offers a true multi-tenant architecture that scales immediately and indefinitely to meet your demands. This is critical for eCommerce sites.
  • We also provide an API that lets you integrate your website with other software and ERP systems as well as build your own modules for specific functionality if needed.

Available Anywhere

  • Since access to your site is through a browser, you can access it anytime you have internet connectivity. Changes can be made remotely. It also means that mobile applications can be deployed that make use of real time data for order taking, checking customer history and so on.

IT Infrastructure

  • IT professionals like SaaS as their overall responsibility for hardware, security, back-up, redundancy and disaster recovery is eliminated. This is important for eCommerce, eLearning and Partner Portal/Extranet sites.  It also means your IT staff can focus on more mission critical activities instead of your website.

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