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HubSpot Integration Instructions


Plan availability: All QuickSilk & HubSpot plans

Who can install? This integration can be installed by Users with site admin rights

This integration works with: HubSpot Contacts, Companies, Forms and Blog Posts

Three Simple Steps to Install the HubSpot Integration

Log Into HubSpot: 

Make sure you’re logged into your HubSpot account. In a separate browser window log into your QuickSilk account and go to Modules > Manage > HubSpot, then click the orange "Connect With HubSpot" button. 

Select the HubSpot Account You Wish to Integrate:

After you've clicked the 'Connect With HubSpot" button a new window will open. In this window select the HubSpot account you wish to integrate into your QuickSilk website.

Grant Access Permissions

Click on the ‘Grant Access’ button to complete the integration. That's it - you're done!

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