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Drag & Drop CMS Features


  • Creating the site of your dreams begins with choosing its look and feel. Your decision is made easier with QuickSilk’s growing library of modern and attractive themes. To help you create your page as effortlessly as possible, our templates come pre-built, so that all you need to do is embed your unique content, and voila — your page is ready to publish.

  • For those who want more control, our template and page designer tools will help you style your page to optimally suit your brand. Whether you use a custom template, or one of our trendy themes, QuickSilk’s versatile drag and drop canvas lets you build the site you desire.

  • Our platform empowers you to create an unlimited number of custom sites. While you won’t need an expert developer’s help to achieve a professional page, we haven’t forgotten about our friends who would prefer to access and manage code. With QuickSilk’s advanced editor, you can edit HTML, CSS and CSS files, template colour tints, module GUIs, and resource files.

  • In most cases, the first interaction a user has with your site is when they create a profile. Make a good first impression. Include personal touches like custom fields and text, “tooltips”, avatars, images and captcha (to name a few).


  • We understand that members of diverse teams often have varying levels of responsibility that may extend to site management. Through our administrative settings, you can easily authorize specific admins to manage a multitude of global settings, like mail, media and search engine optimization.

    Additionally, your team’s site access can be managed by assigning roles, groups or departments to an unlimited number of administrators. Notifications can also be set, so that published content is approved by management before it goes live.

  • Our file management module gives your team the flexibility to implement your desired file architecture, while providing you with an effective information management solution.

  • QuickSilk’s open API allows you to seamlessly integrate with a wide array of third-party web applications.

  • There is more to making your site unique than customizing its theme. Our rich text web editor, gives you full control over the formatting of your content, and allows you to incorporate features such as Google Fonts, Lightbox, Spoiler and iFrame.

  • Our layout and template options allow you to manage the look and feel of sites pages individually, or as a group, depending on your specific needs.

  • At times you may find that you need to present a lot of content on a single page. Our tabs module is an effective tool for breaking up content-heavy pages, and displaying your content in a more meaningful and accessible way.


  • Not only do our comprehensive blogging options help copywriters pump out an unlimited number of blogs, they also assist them with planning, scheduling, distributing, tagging and moderating content. Just because we’re not WordPress, doesn’t mean we aren’t expert blog builders.

  • Engage your audience in a more meaningful way with discussion forums. Show your clients that you care by tracking the latest topics, tagging keywords and sharing relevant links.

  • With our headquarters located in a city that prides itself in multiculturalism, we get the value of - and need for - a multilingual content management solution. That is why we’ve designed our language manager to support 70 languages and specialty characters. All you need to do is paste in your translated text and post for your messages to be received by potential clients all around the world.  

  • Creating events with us is as seamless as publishing a blog post. Quite literally create, invite, categorize, schedule, set publication and visibility, and your event is complete, saved and shared.

  • One thing clients are really good at is asking questions. With our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) module, you can answer all of your visitors’ most commonly asked questions in the traditional question/answer format, or, for the more adventurous communicators, offer them tips and tricks for success. 

  • No one knows your industry quite like you do. Help the public better understand your field of expertise with our Glossary. It works by highlighting your key, industry-specific terms of choice and linking to the word within your glossary of terms. A user can over hover their mouse over the link and the term’s definition will display in a pop-up window.

  • Integrate Google Maps into your site effortlessly with our pre-built module. With features like street view and route planning you can ensure your visitors always find their way.

  • Give back to the brand evangelists that believe in, and support, you by letting them shine (and brag… about all of the amazing things you are doing right) by displaying their valued testimonials on your site.


  • Understand what clients think you’re doing right, as well as where they think you’re going wrong, from the feedback they leave in page comments. Gathering comments is a breeze with our extensive comment form options. We enable you to create an unlimited number of comment boxes that you control. Site administrators have the option to approve all comments that are published to your site.

  • Encourage visitors to follow you with our social icons. We offer social ratings, so that you can see the value your readers place on the content you provide them with. Content can be rated as excellent, interesting, useful, or not useful. What you do with this type of feedback is entirely up to you; however, we think it would be especially helpful with your social media strategy.

  • We make sharing simpler for your visitors with social links that instantaneously sends them to their favourite social media channels to distribute your compelling content.


  • Like other content management platforms, we provide you the ability to upload and manage images to your site. However, unlike other content management sites, we eliminate the need for third-party photo editing programs (like PhotoShop) by offering photo resizing, styling, alignment, and links to external sites.

  • Display an unlimited number of gorgeous photo galleries as a slideshow or a grid, anywhere on your site.

  • It’s okay to brag a little about your accomplishments. Showcase your product by featuring real life examples of clients using your product on your portfolio page.

  • We’ve integrated YouTube and Vimeo to provide users with some really cool video streaming capabilities. Features like smart search -- simply type in a keyword or phrase and a list of videos will pop-up to choose from — allow you to quickly select a video and share it on your site. If you are more comfortable with other video sources, like Wistia or VidYard, don’t worry. QuickSilk has the ability to integrate them, as well.


  • Build different lists for members, partners, and colleagues using our Member Directory. You can set filters and different view options, feature members, and even display avatars with our widget.

  • You’ve likely heard of Cisco’s WebEx that offers a solution for working together remotely with video conferencing and screen sharing. By dragging and dropping the WebEx module into your page, you and your colleagues can simply login with your credentials to use any of WebEx’s features you wish.

  • Collaborate with your members securely with our Working Group module. We offer a safe space for members to gather and work together in a secure online environment.

  • We’re probably biased, but we think this feature is the most exciting that we have to offer. If you’ve ever had to create a separate website for an event your company was hosting, you can appreciate how daunting the development of it was. In less than 60 seconds, our microsite module can generate an entirely unique website that can be managed within the QuickSilk platform. Our microsites are entirely independent in every way, yet offer as many features as your main site does. #mindblown

  • Let’s talk about security for a minute. We feel it should be a vital component of every content management system. In a world where it feels like hacking has become a hobby, one of our main priorities is to keep your information out of the wrong hands. This is why we’ve incorporated security safeguards like password security. When combined with our built-in user manager, our login feature ensures that authorized users only see the content intended for them.

  • Revert back to older versions of your copy to compare past content changes simply by contacting our support line. This option is really rad during times when you unintentionally make changes to original copy (no need to be embarrassed, we all do it). Only authorized administrators have the ability to access these documents so that you have full control over your copy.


  • Spoiler alert: without giving everything away, we want to let you know that we’re currently in the process of developing an advertising banner module that will allow you to integrate with any third-party service, support rich media, provide you with statistics in real-time, incorporate Google AdSense, and will accept multiple payment gateways. Follow us for updates on developments.

  • Another spoiler alert: event planners worldwide have expressed the value of our microsites and member management tools. This is why we’ve decided to expand our offerings. Presently, our web experts are architecting the final components of our upcoming event registration module. This feature will allow event co-ordinators to facilitate every aspect of event management through their web platform. Follow us on social media for updates.

  • You guessed it, another spoiler: Since the very beginning of our site development (before it was cool), we coded our platform to be payment card industry (PCI) compliant, knowing that, eventually, the online world would head in the eCommerce direction. Right now, our talented team is working on developing a more flexible and powerful approach to selling goods and services online. We looking forward to releasing our spin on online selling later this year. Follow us for updates.


  • Taking into account that most of your site’s traffic comes from social networking, we have made it our mission to ensure the social content you develop on our platform is not only professional, but #postworthy. This is why we’ve built snazzy support inside our framework that optimizes your meta tags (fancy way of saying keywords and phrases) across all social platforms.

  • Our team of marketers knows that search engine optimization (SEO) best practices have never been as critical as they are today. Luckily, ten years of SEO experience went into developing our framework to help you improve your on-page, organic ranking.

  • Really simple syndication (RSS) feeds are often found on news sites, weblogs and online publisher pages highlighting industry-related content. Our RSS options allow you to create and control a regularly refreshing feed on your site that your viewers can’t miss.


  • Upon creating a QuickSilk account and selecting a theme, your fully responsive site is automatically built for you and ready for you to drag and drop your desired content within 60 seconds. Add module and apps to make it yours, if you’d like. It’s truly that simple.

  • You don’t need coding experience nor do you need to hire a developer; we empower you to create the custom pages or portals you’ve dreamed of with our uncomplicated drag and drop tools.

  • When you create an account, you will be offered a temporary domain name that allows you to begin building your site immediately. You can share this alias with anyone you’d like to view, comment or work on your site, or use your own domain name.

  • You can have peace of mind in knowing that our focus is the protection of your critical information. Not only do we ensure we meet best-in-class data protection standards, but our Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud-hosted platform employs every possible security measure, like guarded antivirus protection, password protection, user controls and regular, in-house updates and maintenance. Furthermore, our closed cloud software keeps our code safe and encrypted, which means it cannot be easily copied, manipulated or deleted (unlike comparable open-source systems). Please review our hosting infrastructure to learn more about the safeguards we’ve put in place to keep your data secure.

  • Our content delivery network (CDN) - which is a system of servers that deliver web pages and their content to users, based on their geographic location around the world - is vast. This means that when a visitor enters your site, our network determines which server of many is the closest to them, so that your site and all of the information it contains reaches your audience as quickly as possible, no matter their location.


  • To accurately measure success, it is essential to track and report on every initiative’s effectiveness. We’ve implemented Google Analytics into our service offerings, so that you can track your digital footprint. Google Analytics can help you understand everything from the route and devices visitors used to reach your site, to what they were specifically searching for on your site, so as to improve your visitors’ experience and engagement, as well as your digital marketing efforts.

  • Our server health script consistently monitors each of our network servers, as well as each website individually, to make sure each system is healthy. This allows our support team to get ahead of potential issues before you experience any catastrophic changes to your site.

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