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Partner Program

QuickSilk is partnered with some of the leading Digital Agencies in North America.  We offer the most secure, easy to use and functional SaaSSoftware as a Service, or SaaS, is a licensing model that describes software provided on a subscription basis. SaaS software is hosted by the software provider. Subscriptions are typically monthly, or annual. CMS platform on the planet, coupled with flexible Agency Program that provides competitive pricing and a broad range of offerings. 

QuickSilk Agencies are able to do business the way they want with QuickSilk supporting their endeavors with cost effective solutions to satisfy customers - whether it's a single page website or a complex enterprise site. 

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Top 3 Reasons Digital Agencies Choose QuickSilk

Improve Productivity

Digital Agencies need a platform they can count on to deliver the functionality to meet any customer requirement. Whether you need web forms, membership services, financial transaction capabilities or micro sites with different permissions, QuickSilk’s advanced functionality features are built in, And of course everything built using QuickSilk's CMS platform is fully responsive.

QuickSilk provides more functionality than WordPress with the top 20 plugins installed.  Engineered to evolve, if you require functionality we don’t yet offer, you can rely on QuickSilk’s Software Development Kit (SDK) to extend the to meet your needs.

QuickSilk delivers the security of expensive enterprise solutions, the ease of use of Page Builders and an unprecedented level of functionality.  You don’t have to choose or sacrifice with QuickSilk – you get it all.

Improved Margins

Digital Agencies realize that hosting, software updates, IT Support and website monitoring is low value work and when outsourced to “bargain basement” suppliers only creates more problems and less margins.  With QuickSilk there is “one throat to Choke”.  Our SaaS offering includes the QuickSilk CMS platform, secure hosting, IT support, website monitoring and personal product support.  Its all-inclusive, and there are no extra charges and at prices that still allow you to have a respectable margin.

Advanced SEO, Built-in

Building websites is not enough for today’s Digital Agencies, they need to drive traffic to the sites they build by defining and implementing an SEO strategy that fits each customer.  QuickSilk allows you to quickly and easily implement your strategy with features like Keyword-Rich URLs, Descriptions, Page and Global Meta robot tags, Canonical URL, Head code insertion, Auto-Generated XML sitemaps, Language-specific URLs, Pingomatic, blog GeoPositioning, and OpenGraph.

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