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Why QuickSilk

QuickSilk has engineered one of the easiest to use, affordable and secure content management systems on the planet. 

Quick to learn and easy to use, QuickSilk also offers the all-in-one convenience of a fully managed and supported secure hosting solution. Costs are predictable, deployment is simple, and once you’ve launched, you’ll never have to redesign again—unless you want to. 

Here are 3 REASONS why QuickSilk is a superior alternative to WordPress:

QuickSilk SECURES Websites Like Nobody Else Can

Enhanced Security: Our primary focus on raising the bar for enhanced website security standards truly sets us apart—which is why governments, banks, institutes, and associations around the world choose QuickSilk. Standards & Compliance: We are a cloud-basedCloud-based  refers to applications, services or resources made available to users on demand via a web browser, from a cloud computing provider's servers. SaaSSoftware as a Service, or SaaS, is a licensing model that describes software provided on a subscription basis. SaaS software is hosted by the software provider. Subscriptions are typically monthly, or annual. company with an unprecedented level of security in the areas of hosting, software updates, IT support, security standards compliance, rigorous testing, and certifications. We have a product strategy and a 3-year roadmap. Tested, proven: Unlike WordPress, no one has access to QuickSilk’s proprietary source code. High-profile global and national customers have conducted extensive reviews of our security measures.

Contact us to learn more about our security measures and satisfied customers.

EASY to Use, Cost-Efficient and Very Adaptable

As Easy as Drag & Drop: Our customers love QuickSilk’s intuitively simple Drag & Drop interface. It’s so easy to use, even non-technical users can make modifications in seconds. Customize it any time you want. There’s no coding required—ever! Reducing Your Costs: As a subscription-based solution, we take care of hosting and updating software so it’s always future-ready. Instead of doing a full rebuild every few years, make incremental changes gradually over time and change the entire look and feel of your CMS in minutes, not weeks or months. Straightforward Adaptability: QuickSilk comes with well-integrated Membership, Event and eCommerce management options. Compare this to WordPress, where you would need to add 17 plugins to deliver the same functionality, plus hours of software and integration development.

Find out more about drag & drop authoring, WYSIWYG design and other features.

Exceptional Power & Functionality

No Compromise: QuickSilk delivers the security of expensive enterprise solutions, the ease of use of Page Builders and an unprecedented level of functionality.  You don’t have to chose or sacrifice with QuickSilk – you get it all. Advanced Functionality: Whether you need a membership-only portal, financial transaction capabilities or various micro sites with different permissions, QuickSilk’s advanced functionality features are built in. Engineered to Evolve: If you require advanced functionality we don’t yet offer, ask us about QuickSilk’s Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interface (API).

Contact Us to discuss your advanced functionality needs.

Take a look at how easy it is to use QuickSilk