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QuickSilk Believes In Fast, Secure Websites That Don’t Force Clients to Compromise.

When we started a little over a decade ago as a local, web-based services firm, we committed ourselves to the highest standards of client focus and client satisfaction.

We figured happy clients lead to more clients, which leads to success and growth. Keep it simple, we said, and the clients will keep coming.

But along the way, as we grew and continued to work with existing technologies like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and a raft of others, we came to recognize a widespread barrier that was going to get in the way of us raising the bar in terms of client satisfaction. It was a barrier that was out of our control.

That significant barrier was the unavoidable compromises that clients had to accept regarding security, simplicity and cost of ownership when choosing a Content Management System (CMS).

We thought there had to be a better way, and then, in a flash of inspiration, some might call it madness, we decided to build a better way by building a better CMS.

So in 2010, we launched QuickSilk, a simple, affordable, robust and security-obsessed content management system that would live in the cloud, as so many technologies do now.

Since then, we have continued to invest in the development of QuickSilk, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of person-hours, at last count, to build what we believe is an incredibly fine choice for websites designed, deployed and managed without compromise and complications.

Along the way, we’ve been thrilled to see QuickSilk used to power websites of all sizes, from non-profits, consulting companies, digital agencies, think tanks and technology startups to organizations like the World Bank, Financial Accountability Office of Ontario and the Government of Canada.

Teamwork Powers QuickSilk

A powerful tool like QuickSilk does not get built without a client-centred team and commitment to communication, creativity and collaboration. Our team brings expertise and perspectives from all around the world. We take the initiative, responsibility and ownership. 

Our Team

Garry Brownrigg

Chief Executive Officer

Just a few years into his career, Garry Brownrigg developed a severe medical disorder that left him unable to speak. It forced him out of the banking sector where he worked and limited him to jobs where he could communicate by email exclusively.

Ever the hard-driving optimist, Garry turned his adversity into opportunity by teaching himself programming and completing a Master’s of Science Degree from Boise State University.

Over the next few years, as he slowly regained use of his voice, Garry held senior positions with technology companies, mainly in the online learning and training verticals. Around the beginning of the 21st century, Garry struck out on his own to form a company dedicated to building custom websites with robust technology infrastructures. It was that entrepreneurial journey and working with business and organizations of all sizes the led to the founding of QuickSilk in 2015.

Currently, Garry leads QuickSilk with contagious energy, humour and conviction alongside his close-knit team of veteran industry execs, each with multiple start-up successes and numerous awards.

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Chris Johnson

Chief Revenue Officer

Chris is a through and through tech guy with 25 years of business operations experience within the technology sector. Chris was the Founder and CEO of dna13, a SaaSSoftware as a Service, or SaaS, is a licensing model that describes software provided on a subscription basis. SaaS software is hosted by the software provider. Subscriptions are typically monthly, or annual. company sold to PR Newswire in early 2010.

As CEO of dna13, Chris guided the company’s product strategy, operations, and business planning, having raised north of $11 million in venture capital.  Over his career, Chris Johnson has worked with well over 100 companies focusing on product planning and development, sales and marketing, and implementing performance metrics.

Chris currently works closely with technology accelerators, including L-SPARK and Invest Ottawa. He has worked with clients and stakeholders across various sectors, including media, retail, finance, energy, telecom, and technology.  Chris has worked with both partners and clients across the US, UK, Australia, Europe and the Middle East, including Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

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Abhijit Doiphode

Senior Project Manager

Abhijit Doiphode is a 2017 MBA graduate from the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa. He leads project management activities at QuickSilk as a Senior Project Manager.

During the course of his nine years in the technology industry and across four different continents, Abhijit has worked with a wide range of clients from – start-ups to non-profits and Fortune 500 companies. Abhijit fine-tuned his ethical and highly personal approach to business while working with the most senior executives in TATA Group, one of the largest and oldest corporations in India.

He graduated from the University of Mumbai with an Honours Bachelor of Engineering, with a specialization in Information Technology. Abhijit is fluent in English, Hindi, Marathi and Sanskrit and is keen on learning French. In his free time, Abhijit loves to volunteer in order to broaden his knowledge of different cultures, people and business practices.

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Nadine Buckley

Design Chief

Nadine Buckley is QuickSilk’s most senior designer in addition to being a partner in an award-winning branding, marketing and design agency. She provides design leadership for the company’s marketing channels and digital properties.

A graduate of Algonquin College in Ottawa, Nadine brings over 30 years of diverse and hands-on design experience to the team. Her vast experience includes virtually all graphic design mediums from print and digital to 3-D and includes a number of years designing websites built on common website builders and the QuickSilk Content Management System.

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Stephen McGill

Chief Creative Officer

Stephen McGill brings more than three decades of marketing, branding, and advertising experience, along with a successful track record in generating measurable results and winning creative awards to the QuikSilk team.

He has worked with a wide range of organizations during his career and advised dozens of non-profits to help them garner increased awareness, enhance their positioning, and achieve measurable results. With QuickSilk, he advises the senior management team on product positioning, contributes to marketing content and helps to fine-tune marketing and branding strategies. Like Nadine Buckley, Stephen is also a partner in boutique marketing and branding agency where he works as the Creative Director and Lead Strategist.

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Nicole Baker

Director, Communications

Nicole Baker brings extensive experience to the QuickSilk team and is leading communications and media relations efforts. She brings particular communications expertise as well as considerable knowledge in the software industry.

Nicole is senior communication professional with more than 20 years of hands-on work in media relations, corporate communications, internal communications, communication and social media strategy and planning, and content writing and editing.

She has planned and implemented highly successful media relations, analyst relations, and social media strategies for VanillaSoft, Demand Spring, Titus and Corel. Nicole holds a Bachelor of Public Relations from Mount Saint Vincent University and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Acadia University.

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