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 Content Management System Modules 

  • Template Library

    QuickSilk has a growing library of FREE website and email design templates that can be used as is or modified to suit your needs using our template and page designer tools.  The templates are sorted by general business categories, to help users quickly find the templates they're looking for.

    For those who want to use their own templates you can upload them into a personalized template library specific to your website.

    Template & Page Designer

    Whether you're using one of our free templates or a custom template you've prepared QuickSilk, you can manage the design and layout of your templates and page layouts using our drag and drop canvas.

    An example of the layout tools available in our designer include:

    • Anchors
    • Columns
    • Content
    • Dividers
    • Infoblocks
    • Language Switcher
    • Login
    • Standard & custom menus
    • Registration
    • Search
    • Site Logo
    • Spacers
    • Tabs
    • Working Area

    Manage Template Settings

    Manage your template settings, including:

    • Default Styles editing paragraph, links, buttons
    • Template Background Image/ Color / width editing

    Advanced HTML/CSS editor (Q2/2016)

    For those who still wish to touch and manage code, our advanced editor will allow you to directly:

    • Edit the HTML and CSS files
    • Manage the GUI for your modules
    • Manage the template colour tints
    • Manage your resource files (images)

    User Profile Form Builder

    The User Profile Form Builder allows you to fully manage the User Profile form that users complete when logging into your site.

    With the User Manager Form Builder you can:

    • Hide/display fields
    • Make fields required or optional
    • Provide tooltips to help users understand the information you need entered in a field
    • Set the maximum number of characters for certain field types
    • Drag and drop fields to set the desired field order

    Plus, you can add and manage the following field types:

    • Avatar
    • Text
    • Textarea
    • Select
    • Email
    • Multi-select
    • Checkbox
    • Multi-checkbox
    • Radio Buttons
    • Captcha
    • Images
    • WYSIWYG Editor

    Website Form Builder

    Our Website Form Builder provides all the features found in the User Profile Form Builder plus the ability to::

    • Create forms to be used anywhere on your website
    • Create a new form or reuse an existing form
    • Fully manage your form layout with our drag & drop form builder
    • Manage the form properties and settings
    • Designate one or more recipients to receive form submissions
    • Automatically store form submissions in the database
    • Export the form submissions for use in MS Excel
    • Bad word list - block forms submissions containing bad words
  • Global Adminstrative Settings

    The administrative settings allows authorized administrators to manage a variety of global site settings including:

    • General  settings
    • Mail settings
    • Media settings
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Head Code Insertion
    • Server Settings
    • Cron Jobs
    • WebEx
    • Google Analytics
    • Social Channel Logins/API's

    User Manager

    Add and manage user access rights and permissions, on an individual module basis, based on assigned user role and in conjunction with the following features:

    • Users
      •  Role
      • Groups
      • Department
    •  Form Builder
    •  Mail
    • Login / Registration forms
    • Registration approval mechanism
    • Notification manager
    • User Public Profile page

    Global File Manager

    The global file manager is the central repository for all files uploaded to your site. Using this tool you can:

    • Create folders to organize your files
    • Upload, rename and delete files
    • Get specific information on your files (size, date, dimensions, etc)
    • Copy, cut and paste files
    • Duplicate files
    • Resize and rotate image files
    • Create archives

    Inline Web Editor

    Our inline web editor provides What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWTG) features to manage your web page content.  The available features include:

    • Bold / Italics / Underline
    • Remove formatting
    • Alignment
    • Numbered / Bullet list
    • Indent
    • Comments
    • Styles
    • Font heading
    • Font family
    • Font size
    • Font Color
    • Background Color
    • Cut / Copy / Paste
    • Paste as Plain Text
    • Paste from Word
    • Link / Anchor / Flag
    • Media / Image / Video / Flash object
    • Table Builder
    • Divider
    • Special characters
    • Help Box
    • Lightbox
    • Map
    • Spoiler
    • iFrame
    • Div
    • Source
    • Google Fonts

    Language Manager

    For those companies that need to communicate with customers in multiple languages, our language manager supports 70 languages including the double byte character set.  You will need to provide the translated text.

    For each language you can set the following attributes:

    • Author
    • Language name
    • Language code
    • Description
    • Flag icon
    • Default to English content, if no translation is available
    • Status (active/inactive)

    Module Manager

    The module manager lets you manage module trials, subscriptions to optional modules, unsubscribing to optional modules and temporarily suspending the display modules on your website. You can manage all these activities with the simple click of a button.

    In this section you will also find the information on your current plan including:

    • Plan name
    • Price/mo
    • Start date:
    • Expiration date
    • License key
    • Domain name
    • Last update

    Open Graph Protocol

    Social networking is fast becoming the primary means for driving traffic to your website. Almost everybody has one or more social media accounts, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn , Google+ or one of the many other social networks that are available today.

    When you or others are posting information from your website onto the different social media channels you want these posts to look professional and publish the desired content. One of the best ways of doing this today is using Open Graph meta tags.

    We've built support for the Open Graph protocol directly into the QuickSilk framework so you can start optimizing your site META tags immediately for today's social networks.

    Page Manager

    We like to provide our clients with a broad range of flexibility and options. With this in mind we created a Page Manager that allows clients to manage their pages and templates from the admin panel in addition to the inline editing features. The Page Manager consists of four key functions:

    • User Pages
      These are pages created by the site owner. For each page created you can specify the individual page properties
    • Default Pages
      These are pages automatically created by the system when your site is created. You can edit the properties, layout and content of these pages, but you can't delete them. Some sample default pages are your home page, search results page, member profile page, blog page and system error pages (404, 403, etc.).
    • Layouts
      Once you've selected a template from the template library, or uploaded and installed your own template, you can add, manage, duplicate and delete different template layouts in this section.
    • My Templates
      The My Templates tab lists the templates you installed on your site, from the template library, or your own templates. In this section you can customize your template properties, styles and template background. You can also view screenshots and uninstall your template

    Search Engine Optimization

    The ability to rank well in the major search engines using White Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices has never been more import than it is today. The major search engine companies like Google and Bing, are continuing to refine their search algorithms to filter out websites that practice deceptive SEO (known as Black or Gray Hat). 

    We've built 10+ years of SEO experience directly into our framework in order to help our clients organically improve the on-page ranking factors for their website using only white hat techniques.

    Organically optimize many of your on-page ranking factors by using the following built-in SEO features:

    • Global, Page and Module specific SEO settings
    • Core META tag fields
    • Character counters on META fields
    • Dublin Core Data
    • Geo-tagging
    • Automated XML Sitemap generation
    • Robots.txt file configuration
    • Canonical URL
    • RSS enhancements
    • Manage your robots.txt and block bad IPs
  • Blog

    Blogs provide website owners with the ability to conduct informal or informational style discussions with their website visitors as either a standalone website or a page on a website.

    QuickSilk provides a comprehensive blog module that allows site owners to:

    • Create and manage an unlimited number of blogs
    • Add an unlimited number of new or existing blogs to a page
    • Add a variety of supporting widgets and features, including:
      • Blog Calendar
      • Blog Archive
      • Blog Categories
      • Blog Roll
      • Publication options
      • SEO META data
      • Keyword tagging, share links, ratings
      • Comments and comment moderation

    Discussion Forum

    Discussion forums offer a structured, threaded, form of communication between website owners,  their website visitors and forum participants. Discussions forums can be operated as a standalone website or as a page on a website.

    QuickSilk provides a comprehensive discussion forum module that allows site owners to:

    • Create and manage an unlimited number of discussion forums
    • Add an unlimited number of new or existing forums to a page
    • Add a variety of supporting widgets and features, including:
      • Latest Topics
      • Categories
      • Publication options
      • SEO META data
      • Keyword tagging, share links, ratings
      • Comments and comment moderation

    Events Listing & Calendar

    Our Events Module works similar to our blog. Use the events module to create events and add attendees. You can categorize the events, specify the start and end dates, and set the publication and visibility status of each event.

    When placed on a page, the event module displays a listing of current events. Users can click on each event to view an individual event page. There is event calendar widget that allows users to quickly review upcoming events and a “latest events” widget to display a fixed number of upcoming events. Multiple instances of event calendar can be created for separate groups.

    FAQ module

    Our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) module provides a quick and easy method for site administrators to add FAQ, tips and tricks, question and answer and similar information features to their website.

    Use the FAQ module to:

    • Create and manage an unlimited number of FAQ repositories
    • Add an unlimited number of new or existing FAQ 's to a page
    • Categorize your FAQ's

    File Grid List

    The File Grid List module provides the ability for site administrators to upload and manage a variety of file formats and display them in a tabular format, for users to view and download files

    Add a comprehensive tabular listing of files to any page on your website that includes the ability to:

    • Create and manage an unlimited number of grids
    • Add an unlimited number of files to a page
    • Categorize the files
    • Specify the number of items per category
    • Specify the number of categories on a page
    • Set titles, country of origin and keywords
    • Filtering Options


    Flickr (pronounced "flicker") is an image and video hosting website operated by Yahoo. Flickr is a popular website for users to share and embed personal photographs and is widely used by photo researchers and bloggers to host images that they embed in blogs and social media.

    QuickSilk's Flickr module communicates through the features available in Flickr's API to integrate a Flickr owner’s galleries into their website. 

    Some of the features available in our Flickr integration include:

    • Title
    • Layout
    • Columns
    • Caption display
    • Publication status
    • Image padding
    • Thumbnail sizing


    QuickSilk's Glossary module provides an alphabetical listing and explanation of terms or words found in, (or relating to) a specific subject or in the context of the website subject matter. It is a concise dictionary of related terms.

    The function of the glossary module is to highlight keys terms and display them as a link on a page. To avoid repetition, the glossary is programmed to show only the first instance on a page.

    When a page has a term that is contained in the glossary it is styled and displayed as a glossary link. When a user mouses over the link a definition of the term is displayed in a popup.

    Google Maps    

    Google Maps is a desktop and mobile web mapping service developed by Google.

    QuickSilk has developed a module, using Google's API that provides the ability to add Google's satellite imagery, street maps, and street view perspectives to websites. Included in Google Map's features are route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle or via public transportation.

    Use our Google Maps module to:

    • Create and manage an unlimited number of Google Maps
    • Add an unlimited number of new or existing Google Maps to a page
    • Set the map type as static or dynamic
    • Set the map width and height
    • Set the default zoom
    • Specify a single location identifier


    The image module does exactly what you think it should do. When combined with the features of our global file manager you have a powerful set of tools for adding and managing a single image on a page, including:

    • Adaptive resizing
    • Title
    • Image
    • Style
    • Alignment
    • Animation
    • Link the image to an internal or offsite URL
    • Opening a new window on click
    • Visibility properties
    • Styles & background properties

    Image Gallery

    Use the Image Gallery module to simplify the process of creating beautiful image galleries for your website.

    The  Image Gallery module provides you with the ability to:

    • Create and manage an unlimited number of image galleries
    • Add an unlimited number of new or existing image galleries to a page
    • Display your gallery using a grid or slideshow format
    • Specify the number of columns
    • Hide/show image captions
    • Set your publication status
    • Set image padding and thumbnail size
    • Set visibility properties
    • Set Styles & background properties


    Our Portfolio module provides you with the ability to showcase projects on your website. Use the portfolio module to:

    • Create and manage an unlimited number of portfolios
    • Add an unlimited number of new or existing portfolios to a page
    • Set the project URL, tile, abstract and description
    • Add an image and attach supporting resources
    • Categorize your projects
    • Add resources
    • Set Visibility properties
    • Set Styles & Background
    • Add SEO Meta tags


    Rich Site Summary (RSS), often called Really Simple Syndication, uses a variety of standard web feed formats for pushing regularly changing web content to users. Many news-related sites, blogs and online publishers use RSS feeds to syndicate the content of their blog entries, news headlines, audio and video.

    Use the RSS module to:

    • Create and manage an RSS feed
    • Add an existing RSS feed to a page
    • Set Styles & background properties



    QuickSilk's Slider module provides an easy-to-use means of adding image sliders to any page on your website. The settings in this module allow you to:

    • Create and manage an unlimited number of sliders
    • Add an unlimited number of new or existing sliders on a page
    • Add, edit and delete slides
    • Set the title and URL when clicked
    • Set a background colour
    • Upload an image
    • Set image scaling, repeat, position and parallax image properties
    • Set the status and display order


    The Tabs module is extremely useful when you have a lot of content to display on a single page without having an excessively long page. Or you can use the tabs module to group content in a more meaningful way.

    However you choose to use the tabs module it's definitely one of our cooler modules as it allows you to drop all of the other QuickSilk modules inside a tab. Use our tabs module to:

    • Display content on one page in multiple tabs
    • Once Tab widget has been dropped on page you can set:
      • Tab Position (top, right, left, bottom)
      • Tab names
      • Flexible tab width
      • Visibility properties
      • Styles & background properties


    Do you have clients that love what you do and want to support you by sharing their experience with others? If so, you can use our testimonials widget to randomly display your client testimonials.

    Use our Image testimonials module to:

    • Create and manage an unlimited number of testimonials
    • Add an unlimited number of new or existing testimonials to a page
    • Set the title, contributor and testimonial content
    • Set the status and display order

    YouTube & Vimeo Video Gallery

    The Video Gallery is definitely one of the favorite modules of our team! We've integrated it with YouTube's API to provide users with several really cool ways to display their YouTube Videos (and soon Vimeo) on their website.

    With the Video Gallery module you can:

    • Create and manage an unlimited number of video galleries
    • Add an unlimited number of new or existing video galleries to a page
    • Set the title, number of columns and caption display
    • Set a grid or slider display format
    • hand pick the videos you want to display
    • Set visibility properties
    • Set Styles & background properties
  • Comments

    Comments are a great way to engage with your site users, and QuickSilk has developed a module that makes gathering and responding to comments a breeze! 

    • Create and manage an unlimited number of comment forms
    • Add an unlimited number of new or existing video comment forms to a page
    • Add, edit and delete comments
    • Require approval by a site administrator before a comment can be published
    • Set visibility properties
    • Set Styles & background properties

    Social Media

    The Social Media module provides a quick and easy means to display icons and links to the social media channels you manage, from your website:

    With this module you can:

    • Set the title and alignment of the display block
    • Add/manage any Social Media Channel you want to display
      • Title
      • URL
      • Order
      • Icon
    • Set visibility properties
    • Set  styles & background properties

    Social Rating

    Social ratings provides a way for site owners (and visitors), to understand the value readers place on the content being uploaded to a website.

    Use the social ratings module to rank content as:

    • Excellent
    • Interesting
    • Useful
    • Not Useful

    And set

    • Visibility properties
    • Styles & background properties

    Social Share

    Make it easy for your site visitors to share your website and content with others using our Social Share module. The Social module provides the ability to enable sharing content through various social media channels through the following attributes:

    • Title
    • Alignment
    •  Social Links for:
      • Twitter
      • Facebook
      • Google+
      • Favorite
    • Visibility properties
    • Styles & background properties

    Twitter - Latest Tweets  

    Do you want to display the latest tweets from your Twitter account on your website? Then this is the module you need.

    Once you've entered our Twitter credentials in the settings panel you can use this module to set:

    • Title
    • Screen Name
    • Display View All Link
    • Number of items to display
    • Visibility properties
    • Styles & background properties
  • Side-Side Page Comparison Utility

    This one-of-a-kind tool provides a side-by-side comparison of two revisions of your web page to rapidly see that changes that have been made between versions.

    When used in conjunction with our workflow and version control modules, authorized users can rapidly determine what changes have taken place on a page before approving a page to be published, or sending a page back to the author for additional changes.

    Member Directory

    Use QuickSilk's Member Directory to quickly build a cohesive listing of registered and non-registered members.

    • Create and manage an unlimited number of member directories
    • Add an unlimited number of new or existing member directories to a page
    • Use the  Member Directory Widget, to display member avatars

    And set:

    • Filtering options
    • Different Views options
    • Featured members


    We've tied into Cisco's WebEx API so our clients have the ability to start up and join WebEx meeting from their websites.

    All you need to do is enter your WebEx credentials is the settings section of the admin panel. Then simply drag and drop the WebEx module onto the page where you want this functionality.

    Set your section title and number of WebEx items you want to display per page. You can also set the visibility properties and styles & background properties. And you’re done!

    Workflow (Q2/2016)

    Our workflow module provides the ability for authorized administrators to specify content contributors and content approver, in various QuickSilk modules.

    Permissions can be set by Role, Group, and Department. Depending on the specific user permissions that have been set, participants have access to add, edit, remove, view, install, deactivate, create and manage content.

    Working Groups

    The Working Group module provides the ability to create member only groups of online users that gather online to work together in a secure environment.

    Other modules can be dragged into these working groups, to create highly functional environments for group participation.


    Ok, we're just going to say this straight up! This is definitely one of the coolest features of the QuickSilk platform.

    In less than 60 seconds the microsite module can generate a website, as a subset of your main website, for any number of purposes. If you ever have a need to create event sites, campaign sites, A/B split testing pages, extranets or web portals then you really need to see this feature in action!

    Each microsite has its own admin features and microsite admins can be excluded from having main site access, if desired.

    Secure Login

    Do you need the ability to secure page content, documents and the like for your users, distributors, resellers or other strategic partners?  

    Creating a login feature for your website couldn't get any easier! Simply drag and drop the login form module to the location on the canvas that you want to appear. 

    You can set the login as a form, or as a simple link with a pop-up form. Allow your users to login with the popular social media accounts and set the visibility, styles and background options.

    When combined with the built-in User Manager you have a comprehensive and robust capability to ensure only authorized users see the content you want them to see.

    Version Control (Q3/2016)

    Version control is the management of changes to web page content and other collections of information on your website. We understand that there are times when you make unintended changes and need to revert back to a previous version of your page content.

    Our version control modules provides the ability for authorized users to revert back to the previous content in any module.

  • eCommerce (Q3/2016)

    From the first day we started coding QuickSilk's web services platform was built to be PCI compliant. QuickSilk was built on the PCI DSS standard for the express purpose of providing eCommerce shopping cart and storefront functionality.

    The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a proprietary information security standard for all merchants and organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card schemes including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB.

    We're building a more flexible and powerful  approach for selling goods and services on the web and including the standard features everyone has become comfortable with such as:

    • Site Navigation
    • Site Search
    • Payment Gateways
    • Single Page Checkout
    • Product Reviews
    • Shopping Cart
      • Product Name
      • SKU number
      • Price per unit
      • Taxes
      • Total price
      • Shipping – Import/Export and costs
      • Coupons & Discounts
    • Related Products
    • Product View Filtering & Categories
    • Product Images
    • Newsletter Subscription
    • News & Events
    • Social Media Presence
    • and more......

    We're looking forward to releasing our ecommerce offering later this year.

    Advertising Banners (Q3/2016)

    Advertising banners is a great way to monetize your website  traffic.

    We're building a module that allows us to implement or integrate with a third party service that:

    • Fully automates the display, selling and management of banner advertisements, rich-media/flash ads and text ads
    • Tracks and rotates banner and text ads
    • Supports unlimited banner ad sizes
    • Provides Real-Time Statistics
    • Allows ads to expire during a publication range you specify
    • Accepts multiple payment gateways
    • Exports Statistics into Microsoft Excel readable format
    • Has a built-in Visitor Counter
    • Rotates network ads such as Google AdSense
    •  Automatically e-mail ad statistics
    • Tracks standard and rich-media flash ads; and
    • Target ads to specific countries, state and cities

    Event Registration (Q2/2016)

    We're planning to develop an event registration module that will provide event planners and organizers with total control over every aspect of their events and attendees. We'll be combining the other features already built into the QuickSilk platform to facilitate:

    • Marketing and promotion, including:
      • event websites
      • social media promotion
      • email marketing
    • Management and registration, including:
      • online registration forms
      • attendee management
      • secure payment processing
      • self management tools for attendees
    • Surveys and reporting

    Web Directory

    A web directory displays content listing by category and subcategory. The categorization is typically based on the theme of the overall web site rather than one page or a set of keywords. Web directories often allow site owners to submit their site for inclusion and have editors review submissions for fitness.

    QuickSilk has built a web directory module that will allow site owners to create standalone web directory websites, or include web directories within a site, with the following features:

    • Free submission 
    • Reciprocal link 
    • No Reciprocal link
    • Paid submission
    • No follow
    • Featured listing/Sponsored listing.
    • Bid for position
    • Affiliate links

  • No Setup Required!

    That's right, you don't need an IT department or programmer to build your marketing, web portal or ecommerce site. Simply create your account on the www.quicksilk.com website, complete a few fields and your fully responsive website is built.

    You can be adding your content to your new website in less than 60 seconds.

    No Coding Required!

    It's true! You don't need to be a developer or hire a developer to launch your marketing, web portal or ecommerce site on QuickSilk.

    Simply drag and drop the widgets which provide the functionality you desire onto the template or page canvas and start adding your content.

    It really is that easy!

    Publish Instantly!

    When you sign up with QuickSilk we automatically create a temporary domain name that allows you to get to work immediately on your site, until you are ready to publish your site.

    You can share this temporary domain alias with anyone you want to view, comment or work on your site.

    Use Your Own Domain Name!

    Do you want to use your own domain! Great!

    You can point the A Record of any domain name you own to our servers. Once the A Record has propagated, your website will be visible under your domain name.

    If you need help repointing the A Record for your domain we'll help you!

    Powerful Cloud Web Hosting!

    Identifying a reliable, client focused, web hosting service provider to host your web site is a mission critical decision for your business.

    With QuickSilk, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your critical data is protected around the clock.  Our NOC is housed in a SAS 70 Type II certified facility featuring enhanced security. PEER 1 is certified on the Safe Harbour List and abides by the principles set forth in the Safe Harbour framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of data from the European Union.

    Please visit our hosting infrastructure page on our website for full details:

    Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a system of distributed servers that deliver web pages and content to a user based their geographic location, the origin of the website and the content delivery server.

    QuickSilk's Content Delivery Network (CDN) consists of a large network of servers distributed around the world. When a user accesses your site the CDN determines which server is the closest in order to serve the site as quickly as possible to your site visitor’s computer.

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics provides statistical data on your online customer’s activities across ads and videos, websites and social tools, tablets and smartphones.

    By implementing Google Analytics you can access a broad range of detailed reporting information to help you better understand and serve your current customers and win new ones.

    • Use Google Analytics to analyze visitor traffic and get a more complete picture of your audience and their needs
    • The Traffic Sources and Visitor Flow tools will help you track the routes and devices people use to reach you, so you can improve visitor experience and engagement.
    • Using the In-Page Analytics tools you can learn what your visitors are looking for and what they like. You can then tailor all your digital marketing activities — from your website, to your mobile apps and your ad campaigns for maximum impact.

    QuickSilk's Google Analytics integration is part of the global settings module, replacing the need to add the Google Analytic code snippets on individual templates.

    Select the 'Standard' option which tracks page views or 'Event' option which tracks user click activity (i.e.) pages, menu items, links.

    Site & Server Health monitoring

    The Quicksilk site and server health modules are two separate.. Both are automated scripts that provide important information on the operation and functioning of you website(s) and QuickSilk’s servers.

    The server health script constantly monitors each server in our network to ensure there are no errors with any of our server side tools or processes.

    The site health script monitors each website to ensure there are no errors with the content management system, database connection, directories permissions, mail server, php version, disk space, etc.

    If issues arise these scripts can often predicatively advise our technical support team of an upcoming issue before it becomes catastrophic.

Have A Question About QuickSilk's Content Management System?

To speak with a Content Management Specialist please call 1-866-344-0644