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CMS For Non-Profit Organizations

Easy-to-Use, Efficient, Cost Effective, Fully Managed

Content Management Systems For Non-Profits

QuickSilk's powerful Content Management System (CMS) will help you build your non-profit organization’s online presence. You'll have the tools at your fingertips to build brand recognition and create buzz including the ability to share your story using our blog module, develop relationships with customers using our social modules, and build company culture using our intranet module.  

Accept Donations Securely on Your Website

You want to make it easy for people visiting your website to understand your cause and participate in the solution. Our payment plugins allow for secure online transactions without having to visit a third party site.

Create Compelling Content that is Easy to Share

QuickSilk offers a variety of modules that allow non-profits to easily share and engage new and existing customers. You can pull your companies’ videos directly from your YouTube site and keep your organizations’ photo library right within the site so you always have the most up to date photos to share. You can also allow anyone in your company the ability to quickly create layouts for effective story telling.

A Collaborative Environment for All

Not only is QuickSilk intuitive for users but it allows for collaboration while maintaining version control. Volunteers and employees can work together to create compelling content and publish it in real time.

Marketing Made Simple

Fundraising is competitive so stay ahead of the curve with A/B split testing using our microsites. You can leverage our events module and newsletters from within QuickSilk to stay in touch with existing members.

User Permissions and User Profiles

With QuickSilk, you won't need separate software to control private content, the system comes with user permissions so you can create unlimited private areas for your clients or employees at various levels. 

Some of our most popular module bundles for non-profit include:

Intranet Modules Bundle

  •  Event Manager
  • Work Area 
  • Content Organizer
  •  Chat
  •  Video Gallery

Social Modules Bundle

  • Social Media
  •  Social Rating
  • Social Share
  • Twitter – Latest Tweets
  • Testimonials

Click here to see a full list of all of our available modules.