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CMS Pricing

We know what you’re thinking - why would you pay for a content management solution when there are so many platforms available to use for free? Well, we’ve done the calculations so that you don’t have to — because:

  • our subscriptions include complete technical support, hence the need to hire IT experts for regular maintenance and upgrades (and the costs that come with support staff and services) are eliminated; 
  • we don’t compromise security for simplicity. Not only do our subscription packages empower you to create extraordinary sites at every price point, we make it our priority to ensure your data is protected within our closed cloud, without having you pay extra for enhanced security; and, finally, 
  • we are transparent about what we offer - an all-in-one solution, with some extras, depending on which package you choose. As such, you will never be unpleasantly surprised with hidden costs for using our modules or applications (like you absolutely will with every free, open-source, “comparable” solution).

When considering the aforementioned factors, we’ve determined that you’ll get far more - by spending way less - with QuickSilk.

Unexpected charges are never nice surprises. Let yourself be surprised - in a good way - by reaching out to know our subscriptions. 


  • Do you offer not-for-profit rates?

    Yes. Our team appreciates all of the good work you do, and understands that our solution may not necessarily fit into your budget. If you are a registered not-for-profit organization, shoot us a message to learn more about our speciality rates:

    Contact Us

  • Does every package come with full support?
    Yes. No matter your price point, company size, or specific needs, our in-house support team can assist you through e-mail, video conferencing, screen sharing, or demonstrations -- we are happy to accommodate your needs to help you successfully gain the very most out of our solution.
  • What if I want to cancel?
    Although we are transparent about our solution (and know you will find nothing but success with it), no worries, should you ever want to cancel your subscription -- there will be no hassle from us. There may be tears, because we’d be really sad to see you go, but - we promise - that’s it!


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