Our Story

Hi, we’re QuickSilk - nice to meet you

Our story began almost ten years ago when we launched as a local, web-based services firm. Since the very beginning of our journey, we have been client-focused. Because of this, our roster of offerings have grown organically - and Quickly (pun intended) - over the past decade, alongside our clients’ needs.

Organizations are - too often - faced with the frustrating task of compromising simplicity, efficiency, total cost of ownership, or security when choosing a content management platform. This puts them in an unsustainable situation, as it forces IT budgets to shrink while requirements grow. After discovering this, we knew we owed it to our existing and future clients to offer a better solution. In 2015, QuickSilk - the simplest, and most affordable, secure CMS platform was born.  

We take an uncompromising market position. We do this by empowering our clients to quickly, and easily, create websites — without sacrificing security, or affordability, for simplicity.


QuickSilk is an innovative, client-centric hub of collaboration, communication and creativity. 
Just as our drag and drop tools empower users to build the web platform of their dreams, QuickSilk management is committed to equipping its team with tools for success. 
Our team thrives within an open environment that breaks down the barriers between management and employees. Team members work alongside management to adjust, adapt and advance to meet the ever-expanding needs our clients, partners and colleagues. 

Additionally, all team members are encouraged to take self-initiative - and ownership (we're really big on ownership) - of every project they manage, as well to share ideas and visions, so that they can flourish in their respective roles — and evolve as industry experts. 


Garry Brownrigg, CEO

In 1984, QuickSilk’s founder and chief executive officer (CEO), Garry Brownrigg, uncovered a medical disorder that left him with the inability to speak, sidelining him from his banking career, and forcing him to earn a living by communicating through e-mail. Ever the optimist, Garry turned his adversity into opportunity and taught himself programming whilst completing his Masters degree, online, through the IPT program at Boise State University. 

QuickSilk, a web service-based firm, was born a decade ago. Over the past ten years, local clients relied on Garry to provide them with custom websites for affordable prices. However, when his clients’ needs for a simpler, more secure, all-in-one content management solution became more apparent, Garry’s commitment to empowering them grew.

The organic development of QuickSilk’s CMS platform came in 2015. Garry sought assistance from the public through an IndieGoGo crowdsourcing campaign, in an effort to reach more people who could benefit from this simpler, more secure platform. Garry quickly surpassed his goal by 68 per cent, thanks to the overwhelming support and generosity of the Ottawa community at large.

Currently, Garry leads QuickSilk with conviction alongside his team of veteran industry execs, each having multiple start-up successes and winning numerous awards.

QuickSilk, the simple, and most affordably secure CMS platform, currently offers content management solutions in 19 countries, in 14 different languages.

Jason Burke, CFO

Chief financial officer (CFO), Jason Burke, has a proven track record of providing operational and financial expertise to rapidly growing companies. Aside from acting as QuickSilk’s CFO extraordinaire, Burke is the highly esteemed founder of Positive Venture Group. In the past, Jason has served as chief operating officer (COO) and CFO of Conversant (formerly MOSAID), vice president of finance and principle accounting officer at AVID Technologies, and in various senior positions, including CFO of IBM’s business analytics division, where he oversaw major portions of IBM’s $5 billion acquisition of Cognos in 2008.

Peter LaLonde, COO

QuickSilk’s chief of operations (COO), Pete Lalonde, has a passion for accelerating clients’ revenue growth. As Positive Venture Group’s go-to-market lead, Peter practices with a no-nonsense, objective-based approach. He is a revenue-focused leader who led Openera to acquisition in 2013 as founder and CEO by leveraging his experience running sales, marketing and business development teams worldwide for OpenText, Interleaf, Corel, and Interset.


Behind every successful start-up is a team of dedicated and driven individuals. At QuickSilk, our people are highly motivated and passionate about what they do. Check out our job postings to learn how you can join our talented team.

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