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The Best CMS For Education

Secure, Engaging, Easy-to-Use, Powerful

QuickSilk's powerful web based Content Management System (CMS) will provide your education organization with one of the best website builders and content management systems (CMS) available to cost-effectively build and manage your online presence. You'll have the best tools available at your fingertips to build brand recognition and create buzz. Whether it's website design, blogging, social media, or building a web portal — everything is secure and mobile friendly.

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Three Reasons Why QuickSilk is the Best CMS for Education

Educational websites are broad and deep, viewed as a rich information source for a diverse set of stakeholders: potential students, enrolled students, faculty, alumni and others.  Each of these groups have special needs and institutions rely on a vast internal community of contributors to ensure that information on the website is appropriate and up to date.  QuickSilk is a great choice for these institutions that find the following three reasons key to choose QuickSilk. 

Improved Productivity & Collaboration

QuickSilk Drag & Drop ease of use coupled with QuickSilk’s exceptionally granular Access Control module makes QuickSilk the perfect platform for allowing a large group of content providers to create, update and maintain a large website.  QuickSilk is easy enough that non-IT staff are be able to quickly master QuickSilk to modify the website allowing institutions to be more responsive.  QuickSilk’s access control ensures that users only do what they have the rights and privileges to do – and this has 3 dimensions: Access to the page, access to Modules and access to functionality within a module.  Finally, QuickSilk offers straightforward workflow allowing you to have one content provide enter changes and a second approve them to “go live”.  With QuickSilk you can maintain tight control on the content while leveraging the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm of a large group.

Drive Recruitment

The life blood of any institution is attracting new students.  Simply building a content rich website is not enough – someone has to see it.  Institutions, today, need to drive traffic to your sites by defining and implementing an SEO strategy that fits your organization.  QuickSilk advanced SEO capabilities allows institutions to quickly and easily implement your strategy with features like Keyword-Rich URLs, Descriptions, Page and Global Meta robot tags, Canonical URL, Head code insertion, Auto-Generated XML sitemaps, Language-specific URLs, Pingomatic, blog GeoPositioning, and OpenGraph.

Powerful, Extensible, Easy-to-Use Platform

Institutions must cater to the diverse needs of all stakeholders that ensure your success: students, faculty, alumni and others.  This requires high level of functionality.  QuickSilk meets this challenge with over 100 Drag & Drop modules coupled with a vast array of capabilities and options when using QuickSilk Membership Management.  QuickSilk also has an SDK/API for those times that a greater level of functionality is required.  With QuickSilk there is nothing institutions cannot do when it comes to servicing your stakeholders.

A Few More Reasons Educational Organizations Choose QuickSilk

Content Personalization

With QuickSilk, you won't need separate software to manage and control private content. QuickSilk includes the ability to set rights and permissions by user, group and department. You can enable these settings by page, by post and by element, providing an incredible amount of flexibility for personalizing each users content experience.

& Portals

Create unique websites for your events, programs, and fundraising initiatives from a single system. This feaature is also helpful in enhancing your SEO and digital content footprint -- the more information you offer the world, the higher the possibility is of it reaching more people, and you truly making the difference you’ve set out to make.

Third Party

Sometimes there are never enough hours in the day, we get it. That's why we've integrated with many of your favourite apps. Google Analytics and MailChimp are prime examples of the third party services integrated in our platform. If you don’t see a feature you need, please let us know. We might already be working on it.

Unlimited Product Support & Success Coaching

From the moment you sign up for a free trial, QuickSilk’s support team is ready, willing and able to make certain your experience is smooth from the get-go. Your site will be monitored & managed by us around-the-clock from day one. And if you ever need help we are only an email or phone call away.