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SME Business Content Management Systems (CMS)

QuickSilk helps Small and Medium size businesses both generate revenues and reduce expenses. With QuickSilk, you spend less time training staff and hiring web developers to maintain your digital presence and more time focusing on your core tasks. We’ve looked over every detail to make sure our software is user friendly even for non-technical users.

Here’s how we help your business grow


Keep all the members of your company up to date. Our Extranet modules lets you communicate with your staff over distance using WebEx or our Chat module to share ideas, solve problems and innovate faster to accomplish your business goals. Employees can create their own individual profiles and then view discussion forums, share files and images and work collaboratively on content and store it all safely so it can be accessed from any web browser.

Social Media

Almost 70% of buying decisions are based on feedback from peers. What people are saying about your brand to family and friends can greatly affect your company’s bottom line. With our social media modules, you can easily integrate content and connect with customers in more places.

Online Marketing

Using the online marketing tools, create a buzz around your company’s products or services. Even complex tools like microsite for A/B testing can now be created in minutes.

70 Different Languages

Do you have a branch overseas or interact with clients in many different parts of the world? Now it’s easy to convert all of your content into many different languages with a click of a button.

Here are some of our most popular module bundles for businesses:

Online Marketing Bundle

  • Microsite bundle for A/B Testing, Marketing and Branding
  • Events Manager
  • Email Marketing
  • Store/Branch Locator via Google Maps
  • Google Analytics

Social Modules Bundle

  • Social Media
  • Social Rating
  •  Social Share
  •  Twitter – Latest Tweets
  •  Testimonials

Intranet Modules Bundle

  •  Event Manager
  • Work Area 
  • Content Organizer
  • Chat & WebEx
  • Video Gallery

Click here to see a full list of all of our available modules.  

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