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What separates QuickSilk from the rest?

We know what you’re thinking - there are hundreds of content management systems (CMSs) to choose from. How does QuickSilk differ from the rest? Allow me to explain how we are revolutionizing the CMS industry by offering a simpler, more affordable, secure web content management (WCM) platform:

According to Sucuri’s 2018 Hacked Website Trend Report, Google reported that more than 50 million website owners received theft and malicious software installation notices. What’s truly alarming about this statistic is that, in the previous year, a reported 17 million hacking incidents occurred – a 34 per cent increase in just one year.

Equally concerning is the fact that Google blacklists close to 70,000 websites weekly for malware and phishing. Most website owners don’t realize that 75 per cent of these sites were created on WordPress, 50 per cent of which were unmaintained. Meaning, the risk of having your site hacked significantly increases when it is hosted on open source software (OSS), and even more when it is not up-to-date. This is a scary thought when it’s estimated that more than 60 per cent of websites are built using OSS, like WordPress.  

With this in mind - and because we take an uncompromising position when it comes to simplicity, affordability and security - we determined that the best way to safeguard websites was to build QuickSilk as a closed cloud platform.

Our platform empowers users to create impactful pages without coding, or the worries that come with unsecure software. This is critically important because it helps keep your data out of the wrong hands. Our foremost goal is to help users build safer websites with our diy web builder tools. Whereas WordPress and Drupal site owners can pay upwards of $33,380 to build and implement a secure site, plus an additional $6,340 for maintenance annually, QuickSilk enables you to build the same, fully supported and maintained, site for up to 75 per cent less.

We understand there are some benefits to keeping source code open, like the ability to modify it. We’re not against OSS – we’re coders, too. However, OSS is only beneficial with a (costly) web development team and technical support staff to build and maintain it.

Alternatively, it’s true that with a closed source CMS you are only capable of customizing your site as much as the developers have allowed. Some closed source platforms are limited in their abilities. By design, QuickSilk’s developers have incorporated flexible functionality that allows you to create more complex sites.

So, how affordable is our simple and secure WCM platform? Very. You see, we offer a software-as-a-service pricing model, which means you pay a predictable monthly fee (that includes full support, hosting, regular updates and maintenance – no need for a dedicated developer!). Bonus: you’ll never be unpleasantly surprised with additional costs.

Still don’t believe us? That’s okay. We offer a free trial so that you can see for yourself. Simply sign up with your e-mail (no credit card required!) to begin creating secure websites seamlessly.